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Why do we need School ERP software?

Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of schools & group of schools. The software provides secure, accurate and timely information. Also generates reports at all levels for better decision making and helps in minimizing the manual work.

  • Student Administration

Student administration module provides the facility to manage all the administration related tasks on a single platform.

  • Admission & Fees Collection

With this advance integrated cloud-based module, the organization can handle complicated processes with ease.

  • Attendance Management

A convenient platform for taking student’s attendance online via RFID smart cards and biometrics. Parents are also alerted via SMS.

  • School Bus Management

This module keeps records/data of driver, vehicle, routes, fees, student reports maintain or organize.

  • Mobile App

Teachers can mark attendance, share assignment and notes, urgent notices via mobile App.

  • Scholarship & Concessions

This module of School EduERP provides the ultimate assistance to keep track of the scholarships and funds available.

  • Finance

This ERP helps the school management to keep track of the expenses and the available funds of the financial and accounting department.

  • Payroll & Leave

Payroll and leave module provides facility to maintain staff payroll information with salary generation. It also generates MIS reports.

Edumeet is the student management information system which efficiently manages all activities of school campus. We have established this system to facilitate not only the school management but also teachers and students as well. Our school ERP software generates timely and detailed reports regarding various activities of the student. These reports are crucial to analyze growth and progress. Moreover, with the help of Edumeet now teachers can have enough time to focus on the education of the student instead of generating reports.

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