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What is a Virtual Classroom and Why Should You Opt for eLearning

eLearning simply refers to learning taking place via electronic media. Today, eLearning usually means learning via the internet..

What Is A Virtual Classroom?

Virtual classrooms can be used for any form of learning that typically requires an instructor to engage students in real time. The importance of virtual classrooms comes down to real-time collaboration. There are different types of virtual classrooms for different teaching scenarios like online tutoring, distance and remote classes, as well as compliance and scalable training initiatives for employee training.

Virtual Classroom Features

Easy To Use

Is that a feature? I’m not sure, but it’s incredibly important that the virtual classroom software you choose be easy to use. The best option is to find a virtual classroom software that is click-to-learn easy.

See Everyone

Virtual classes are not just webinars. They are a dynamic space for a small to a larger group of people to learn together. As such, everyone should connect with their webcams and microphones.

Digital Whiteboard

A digital whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that enables you to sketch out ideas with learners in real time. Most digital whiteboards include permission schemes to allow other participants in the class to access the tools as well

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is the perfect way to show remote learners how to use specific software or perform critical functions on the computer. This is a very important feature for those teaching


The best part of virtual classrooms is that they encourage learners to engage with one another in the session.

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