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Virtual Learning Environment

A virtual learning environment (VLE) is not a new phenomenon in education. A lot of schools and universities have already implemented such kind of software. Some large enterprises also have their own VLEs to teach newcomers just at the very beginning of their working experience and improve their qualification later on. So, what is a VLE?

We define a virtual learning environment as an online platform that allows replacing the educational processes from classrooms to the Internet.

In this blog post, we will mention the core features of VLEs as well as their pros and cons.

Virtual Learning Environment

First, let us disclose in more detail the virtual education meaning. While the set of features differs from one VLE solution to another, the core functionality basically allows the following:

  • Planning and management of lessons and other activities;
  • Access to digital learning materials: texts, videos, images, podcasts, etc.;
  • Group discussions and one-on-one chats with a teacher;
  • Submitting homework and other tasks;
  • Grading, tracking students’ performance, providing feedback;
  • Holding live lessons.

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