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Virtual classroom an tool for online education

We can all think of online services that seemed transformative at the time, and is now obsolete. And when you think of investing your time into learning a new kind of technology only to have it become outdated a year or two later, you may wonder if it’s even worth the effort to break away from traditional teaching methods.

But online education, in itself, is a move away from traditional learning. Exploring new and exciting online teaching tools is just one more way you can bring innovation into language learning.

The best resources can transform your teaching, making everything about the classroom, from discussions to presentations and grading, feel effortless.

Here’s how the use of Edumeet online teaching resources might look on a typical day:

  • Present the class with teaching material using a series of examples. You can share a document, an embedded recording, a podcast or a combination of all three.
  • Assign practice activities and give feedback. Online flashcards and interactive games are good ways to accomplish this step.
  • Dive deeper into the topic. Have students interact on a shared blog or create and record dialogues and skits.
  • Assign further practice and homework exercise. Consider an online worksheet aligned to your content standards.

Looking to add interactive teaching materials to your online classroom? Edumeet is the perfect language-learning platform to accompany your online teaching applications. Providing the best of real-world content and traditional teaching resources, Edumeet offers a perfect blend of video clips, and digital flashcards to make your online lessons fun and more engaging.

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