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Video conferencing software for instructor-led learning

Video conferencing software for instructor-led learning

Teachers who teach online are continually looking for platforms that are easy to use and can facilitate the best delivery of their courses to the students. These teachers are not only spirited about the courses they teach but are also passionate about connecting with students online- as they would have connected with students in a traditional learning environment. Many teachers think that making videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs are sufficient to help them along in making a connection with students while teaching online.

You may be a teacher just like the one we described above. You may be shaking your head in agreement to what we have stated and yet will ask us: ‘How can I connect with my students better?’ If you have tried everything in your online class, yet have not been able to crack the connect code – we offer a solution, that is being used, around the world successfully by the instructors – a video conferencing software or an online classroom software for instructor-led learning

What will a Virtual Classroom or a video conferencing software help you do?

An online classroom is a blessing for teachers and students who are located in distant geographies from each other. A virtual classroom allows for a traditional classroom to take place in an online setting. It is a cost saving method as (no physical infrastructure, traveling costs are incurred) and allows for the teacher to connect with as many learners as required.

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