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Tips For Effective Virtual Classroom Sessions

Virtual Classroom is used to impart knowledge to attendees about a particular topic, product, service, etc employing a video conferencing tool. Webinars may have two-way communications between presenters and participants by using interactive features like polling and Q&As.

Key Features Of A Virtual Classroom

  • Screen Sharing

It allows Facilitators and Participants to share the content of their screen in real-time. This can include the entire screen or simply one application window.

  • Breakout Rooms

Private meeting sub-rooms created by the facilitator by splitting a meeting into separate sessions. It allows the participants to meet in smaller groups for group discussions and collaborate on the whiteboard or chat.

  • Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards for web-based online classrooms that enable the capturing of ideas/information by typing, highlighting, and drawing tools on digital whiteboards.

  • Polls & Surveys

This feature allows the facilitator to post questions to participants making the experience more interactive and engaging.

  • Live Chat

Participants and Facilitators can send text messages in real-time to chat publicly or privately with others in the classroom.

  • Class Recording

Live session recording provides flexibility to the participants to rewatch, and review the lecture when needed.

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