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Our new method for timetable and attendance control is planned to ease class scheduling and marking of attendance. Experience the value of a well-planned scheduling structure that integrates simplicity and decreases complexity. The problems of an ineffective scheduling and time table management system are all known to us. The
the burden of organizing and coordinating time slots, making allotments, preparing for missing teachers, and whatnot starts with the beginning of each school year. But it is simpler to prepare, arrange, write, and sustain total events in an academic year with the easy integration of an integrated schedule a management framework for teachers and students.
With our Edumeet Timetable Management, a company can simply schedule and conduct its operations according to its needs and choices. There are a few items that can help you manage a smoother workflow without wasting a lot of time on boring manual scheduling:

Simplified schedule class

Add or withdraw classes, arrange new classes, and allow any calendar changes. It actually saves time and resources for a centralized structure to run.
Student Management System
Student Management System

Management for Attendance

The scheme contains the yearly timetable, daily attendance, leaves, special notices, and student and teacher statements. Time and energy, along with paper, are then saved.

Rightly prioritizing all operations

Strategically prepare and organize classes as required by the session. Allocate different time periods to maximize flexibility and performance for different days and hours.
Student Management System software
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