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For updates and advice on entry, contact your school or district. You can visit the website of your school or district, or talk to your school or district administrators. Schools and colleges are given Edumeet logins. Before giving you an account, each school can check your identity to help protect student data and privacy. You can log in from there to the corresponding site of your school or district.

Edumeet helps a parent to view and change the profile of their child and their contact information such as phone and e-mail addresses so that up-to-date contact details can be accessed in school records. It would allow schools to contact parents in emergency situations and after school hours if their child needs them. Parents or students can access and download regular homework, assessments, and other school events using edumeet. They will figure out what their child has forgotten if their child is missing and encourage them to catch up.

A parent can access and download their child’s test schedule by using Edumeet students parents login. This will assist parents to assist their child with prompt revision. Planning is the secret to performing well in tests. Parents should help their children build a consistent review strategy and research approach that will make their child more secure in the examinations. Through our app we will get immediate updates from ” Anywhere”, ” Anytime” on their ward’s problems and behavior in school! They will also meet with teachers and engage in regular school experiences that can assist their child to do well in school.

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