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What is Student Management System?

Edumeet is an efficient school management system, developed to serve the academic institutes. It is specially designed to handle the fee management, student/staff record management, attendance management, timetable scheduling, homework management, exam data management easily. Apart from these it also helps in parents, administrative staff, teachers, and students communicate through it.
With more than 10 modules, Edumeet manages every aspect of educational institutions. It is customizable and user-friendly. Besides, all the modules are in compliant with CBSE schooling rules and State Board. The system can also be accessed from mobile, making it easy to use on-the-go. It integrates different departments for the smooth functioning.

Management of school database can be hassle free with our school management system. Earlier During the admission process the work was tiresome and lengthy as every details of the student has to be entered manually in the database. Here comes the school management software to the rescue. The use of student registration and admission process management system helps to automate the process for the school. Admission Management System is a simple yet effortful tool that would result in reducing the paperwork for the institution as well as the students.

Features of Student Management System

Admissions Management

The admissions process involves multiple teams of interactions, many paper works, and many teams works for a complete admission work. Admission Management System guides you to manage the admission process easily along with student’s basic details, emergency contact information, and personal information. Edumeet is equipped to track records, report, and communicate in real-time. Streamline your admissions process with end to end complete solution. Get the entire cycle automated completely from enquiry to admission.

  • Admission Enquiry
  • Complete Students Admission
  • Students’ Profile Management
  • Students’ Add-on courses Enrolment Tracking
Student Management System
Student Management System

Fees Collection

Most of the time parents are supposed to visit the school or colleges for the payment of any kind of fees. There are many challenging tasks for education institute which includes depositing challans, Tuition Fee collection, laboratory or exam fee collection, and many payments.
Online Fees Collection is very efficient as parents or students can log in and can select the option to make payment online easily. Hence the manual intervention is reduced and an error in fee collection is removed. Easy historical fee payments and receipts download are available. payment summary can be tracked easily by the management. The educational institute can integrate / export data to their financial system if needed.

  • Collect Fees Online
  • Track Fees Dues
  • Manage Fee Due Reminders

Students’ Management

Facilitates in managing student information efficiently & professionally and also helps to keep track of their activities. Attendance reports can be downloaded in Excel and PDF format for record purposes. Time and faculty allocation, creating batches for online classes can be easily made with the Students’ Management system. It allows the institute to accurately gain knowledge of students’ performance. Edumeet offers more help in the easy management of various information that facilitates the school to focus more on school development and progress.

  • Students Attendance tracking
  • Students Examinations & Result tracking
Student Management System software
Student Administrative System

School/Institute Academics Management

School/Institute Academics Management manages various academic activities of the educational institution. This software caters to the needs of all users like Heads, Dean, Faculty, teacher, student, and Officials Administrators for performing their assigned tasks. This user-friendly software is developed with the latest technologies. This system allows the students, faculty, or administrators to access the system from their respective locations. This system helps in saving time and involves less manual work. The system allows has all the facilities listed below

  • Create & Manage Class Time Table
  • Create & Manage Teachers Time Table
  • Assign & Track Teachers & Class Activities
  • Create & Manage Subjects, Subject Groups,
    Classes & Sections
  • Manage Students Promotions


  • Notice Board Announcements
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Maintain Communication Logs
Student Management System platform
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Student Management Software

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