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Student Information System for Higher Education

Edumeet student information system helps educational institutions to manage data, maximize student database and communicate with parents without hassle.
This student information system handles attendance, report cards, schedule building, fee payment details, and much more easily. Edumeet is easily integrated with the many more modules which helps in creating a complete, secure online solution for school management.

 Ready-to-use templates such as birthday and class lists
 Student emergency contact records
 Student directories with alphabetized street addresses

Edumeet allows an intuitive format that guarantees data confidentiality, protection, reliable reporting, and fast access to information, you can handle student and staff data. The knowledge is exchanged at your school through both Edumeet modules and other School Office Suite services. As a consequence, data is never entered twice and the latest up-to-date information will now be viewed by anyone at your school. With grades, reviews, attendance, lesson plans, skills and practices, tracking and online interaction, our effective Edumeet modules for teachers supports classrooms.
Monitor student’s and employees’ regular or time attendance effectively and generate daily attendance details, letters, and records. Edumeet app can effortlessly be integrated into any smart mobile too. Edumeet app allows school administrators and teachers to exchange data instantly and connect in a safe atmosphere with parents and students. For colleges, our school online portal app is an all-in-one solution.

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