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The best practice that separates a genius student from an average student is research and revision at home, so the idea of homework and assignment came into the position. We are taking a forward by helping to make it a smooth and paper-free operation. In our Task module, subject teachers would not only have the leverage to delegate the assignment to students, but would also be able to track, access, study, download all student submissions against the respective assignment. In addition, our reminder system will assist parents with all unsubmitted designation to their respective wards in the loop. This student assignment management system is contained in the student database which is always in line with their school classes and events. It is also possible to add extra detail about billing, records, and
medical records.
To train kids in the most optimal manner, teachers require enough time in their hands. They not only assist students in selecting their chosen area of study in higher schools, but when preparing for the exams they can also be a fantastic support group. Control of Assignments & Projects lets teachers delegate students tasks and deadlines and track their success upon completion of these tasks. Both activities and assignments are given a start and end date, and the assignment is revised by the
student on completion. The state of the assignment can be viewed by teachers and reports are produced after assessment.

Assignment and Project Management System Advantages
1) Quickly build assignments
2) Save Time
3) Tasks with Digital Reports Analysis
4) Access appropriate data instantaneously

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