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edumeet is not only about discovering new ways to deliver classroom learning. It is also about automating your campus with a solution that covers every aspect of management. We offer smart school solution is a multi-platform campus automation system for schools, colleges, and universities. Discover a high-tech suite of automated tools that simplifies school management, streamlines communication between administrators, teachers, and parents, and enables better learning and safe environment for the students.

  • Attendance and Tracking

An attendance management system which records attendance for student and teachers

  • Fee Management System

An automated, adaptable, and comprehensive solution that covers the school financials

  • All-in-One Communication

Efficient, easy, and structured communication that keeps parents connected with the school

  • School Bus Tracking

A complete transport management system that ensures safety-in-transit for students

  • Smart Environmental Sensors

A smart system that ensures safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness of your school campus

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