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What makes so good?

Edumeet is a school management system which transforms schools into smart schools to suit the new age parents. Transparent operations, flawless administration and speedy communication are the major features. Edumeet is one of the best school software systems to help you with the school management.

Our edumeet software is User friendly and is very easy to use. We have a 24*7 support system. We have Support for all latest technologies.

Accessible anywhere

Edumeet is a school software that allows you to simply manage the income and expenses of the institution. It helps to easily manage your sales invoices, Fees vouchers anywhere.

Completely Customizable

Edumeet school software enterprise plan provides you with a customized complete school ERP solution to suit your need and requirement

Simple and Affordable

Customizable and affordable school management software is now within your reach. Edumeet can fulfill the needs as personalized learning platform for your educational institution

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School Management System

Academic Management

Accounting management is the most hectic and tedious process for any school or educational institution. Edumeet offers best and effective solution and helps to manage the daily expenses. bank transactions as well as student fee collection or any expenses can be easily recorded in the software.

Admission Management

Admission management software for schools is well integrated with basic smart modules for handling admission related operations just with clicks and simple easy steps. Right from process of offering Dynamic Admission form and Evaluation, Provisional Admission and the document and fee collected can be recorded jut with a click.

Student Management

Edumeett is a best student management system which helps you to manage the student data from lead Generation to Admission till Alumni very easily. These information can be remotely accessed from anywhere. Customised reports can be easily generated.

Staff management

Edumeet helps you to manage teacher data from their attendance or leave management to their working days. These days can be customized with all your terms and conditions

Front & Back Office Management

Front: Smooth functioning of the Front Office day-to-day operations of the management. Helps to bridge all communication gape & Back: Help to reduce the paper work and reduce the manual effort of sorting, processing and selecting the applicant.

Fees management

May it be Fee collection, allocation, customization or refund or any other it is just a click away. Invoice Generation for the entire school can be done in a fraction of seconds

Learning Management System & E learning

Learning Management system is one of the vital parts of any large educational establishment’s. A Learning management system can easily improve the administration work along with the organization. LMS software available with functions like virtual classroom for learners acts as a management hub for administrators. This helps to keep track of the courses administration, reporting and delivery with a single control

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Course Management

Administration of the Course, order management, assigning courses and pre-registration can be done semi-automatically with Edumeet learning management system.

Learners Progress track

Tracking of progress of learners makes it possible for the tutor with the learner’s progress tracker in Edumeet. We ensure the service is easier as much as possible.

Online Exam Module

The main part of any course is the assessment. Assessment Module makes it easy for the management and the students to keep a track on the progress.

Question types for exam

Innovative and effectual online technology to cover all the expectations of the digital generation. Class work and Question paper in the form of digital card.

Video Conferencing the virtual classroom

Video conferencing

Edumeet Video Conferencing offers live virtual classroom with real time collaboration for teaching and training through online. It is a part of the Edumeet Online tool which can be used for live online classes, webinars, group sessions and online meetings. You just need a Laptop or desktop with an internet connection.

Screen Sharing

Edumeet screen sharing let you swiftly share your computer screen with others in real time allowing to share the class works or assignment to the students. Share browser tabs, folders, applications.

Group tutoring

Multi-level student group tutoring can be possible with Edumeet. It helps us to categorize the students according to their Subjects and specialization.

Conduct online classes

You can conduct online classes and tutorial and manage the students profiles. Arrange student groups

Private & Public Chat

Use the functionality like the chat to strengthen directions or backchannel with a struggling student with private chat

Live Class Recording

Online live recording, mute/unmute the participants, private login, attendance reports, assignments allocation, and many more.

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Reasons Why A Virtual

Virtual Classroom is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because

Advance Reporting

What are the Functions

Incorporating school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best

Payment gateway

What are the uses

What is a Virtual Classroom? Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn

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Tips to help you

Amidst the steady spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many global companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies for all their

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What are the Benefits

The virtual classroom is the heart of online degree programs—a convenient, central place where your university courses unfold. Although there

best virtual classroom

What is a Virtual

eLearning simply refers to learning taking place via electronic media. Today, eLearning usually means learning via the internet.. What Is

school management app

Why do we need

Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of

Advance Reporting

Get the Best school

The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning

eLearning and Online Training Platforms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations approach training and ongoing education. Better Learning Experience

LMS for Educational Institutions

Education LMS – Popular in higher education | User – Friendly elearning platform for higher education
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