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A widespread set of features that helps your teachers to spend more time on the progress of the students and teaching helps parents to be involved in the education of the child, increases resource availability for students, solutions to problems faster. One dashboard helps the management to manage everything easily.
Regardless of whether you need to oversee one organization or a hundred, Edumeet software ERP permits you to screen and deal with your establishments from a retiring dashboard without any difficulty. Set up granular controls and utilize broad detailing highlights to get moment bits of knowledge on execution.

Edumeet not just offers key client jobs – Administrator, Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students – yet in addition permits you to additionally characterize information and administration access for profoundly granular client access controls that assist you with guaranteeing higher responsibility and limit admittance to the touchy substance. A rich and adaptable tool set empowers the two educators and regulatory staff to oversee even a huge number of institutes in many clusters, courses, classes over various organizations no worry. Smooth out your assessment and exam appraisal measure – Create various subject-wise tests and tasks, characterize weightage of each towards definite evaluation and even incorporate weightage from extra-curricular exercises, and edumeet guarantees that understudy grades are consistently and naturally refreshed.

Edumeet additionally underpins a wide cluster of reviewing frameworks, just as considers moment transformation between grades. Edumeet school ERP likewise auto-produces last appraisal reports, report cards, and reports that not just assistance remove an entire host of manual regulatory work, yet additionally eliminate human blunders from the whole assessment measure. Make and manage the same number of stores as you need. Be it the school canteen or the science lab, monitor stock, to avoid theft or misuse.

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