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ERP Software Solution

Edumeet is a leading ERP Software Solution provider in India. We offer a passionate and customized Solution for all your School management needs. We aim to offer support to all educational institutions for data management.

Why School Management Software?

Modernizing your school administration system? Our software helps you computerize all administrative and academic processes. Our ERP solutions are basically designed to manage activities such as student enrolment, results, admissions, fee payment, course management and employees information too.

Benefits of ERP Software

ERP School Management Software in 2020 is a boon for students during the pandemic. Growing demand in all service sectors, ERP School Management Software has also made a mark in the education system. Here are the benefits available in Edumeet School Management Software.

  1. Enquiry Management
  2. Students Management
  3. Classes/Subjects Management
  4. Employees management
  5. Smart Homework
  6. Expense Management
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How ERP Software Help you Schools

We are the best ERP Software with efficient, time-saving, reliable, and accessible system for student attendance in your school. Get rid of the tedious process of school management. Upgrade to digital era for all the management.

Easily store student data

Manage personal details of students including Photos, documents, attendance records and personal files with just a click.

Automates Administrative

Automates the administrative process and sorting and organizing of data will help you get easy access to the needed data based on various parameters

Efficiency in Operation

Easy and quick Operations allows to be significant and has the potential to convert it into a lead

Effective information sharing

All kinds of organizations need a Effective information sharing to ensure the efficiency of all the operations and management.

Featured incorporated in School ERP

How Can Edumeet ERP School Software be Beneficial for an Education System?

Our ERP school software makes sure the significant working of all the administrative activities of educational institution. They reduce the working cost and maximize the effectiveness and capacity.

Data security and backup

student data management and protection is vital when it comes to school management software as a major issue in colleges and other educational institutions. Edumeet school management software Ensures complete data security.

Multi user functionality

Multi user functionality provides efficient way to manage different users with login details and access permission

SMS and Email Integration

SMS and email integration module in edumeet School ERP Software is very effective when the school needs to send out urgent messages to all .

User interface

Edumeet school management software has user interface very easy and available for virtually any type of educational

School Management Software for Different Board

Edumeet is available for all kind of board with support available online and one can avail 24*7 assistance for any technical support anytime. We have customized educational and grade exams related to the different board. You can digitally monitor the daily activities on a single platform. It avoids administrative hassles and enhances efficiency, and productivity.

State board of education:
Each INDIAN state has its own way of instruction and coaching according to their standards. Educational section and curricular exercises for each state board depend on the local way for educational system. Edumeet is customized according to the regional history and relevance.

The central board of secondary Education (CBSE)
Edumeet helps you simplify your campus operation and systemise your student management.Educational coaching and co-curricular exercises, of Cbse depends on the school. The software provides easy reports like classes attended, Fees outstanding and exam results. We have Customized according to the latest CBSE pattern

Indian certificate of secondary education (ICSE)

Save time, enhance learning, and keep students safe with edumeet classroom management. Edumeet makes classroom management easy, helping teachers do more in less time. As ICSE follows a comprehensive range of subjects and a different examination aswell as assessment pattern, the Edumeet provides personalized solutions.

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Benefits of School ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across finance, human resources, procurement, distribution and other departments.

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Why do we need

Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of

Advance Reporting

Get the Best school

The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning

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Student Management ERP

1.what is school management erp?

Edumet School management erp is a highly competent school ERP which helps to manage all the difficult academic processes of a school in a smooth and productive way. The School management erp is an integrated solution that can handle fee details, employee records, transportation details, library records, accounts and communication.

2.Advantage of school management erp?

  • Efficient work-flow, Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Improved teachers’ productivity leading to high rate of teaching
  • Better parent-teacher-student connectivity throughout app and portal.
  • Integrations with 3rd party such as biometrics, Tally, online payment gateway, etc.
  • 3.Why is school management erp important for student?

  • Manage the different classes the school
  • Map class with respect to the sessions
  • Define the hours, home works for the class, subjects of the class
  • Can create and manage the home works easily.
  • Connects with the teachers easily.
  • Online Enquiry
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