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What is Edumeet School Management App?

Edumeet helps to track your children’s progress one click away. Edumeet is the best school management app allowing to update with attendance, exam notification and exam results. It also helps with the monthly progress of the kid. Common information and events for schools students can be shared easily. Sends reminder for fee and important notification instantly.

school management app
Teachers: Edumeet helps out the teachers from assignments to class work collaboration. You can just bring your classroom in one simple, easy app with edumeet. Following operational tasks can be easily done with edumeet student management app • Send homework • Learning clarifications, discussion • Schedule class events • Motivation with badges
Parents: Getting time from parents during this pandemic and busy world is the most challenging one for the schools. Giving information regarding the students to parents on the go has become an easy task with edumeet student management app. daily reports, notifications and request information can be passed on easily on a daily basis.
Student Strong Communications can be built during the pandemic between teachers of an educational institute and students. Connects teachers, Students and parents in a one app.

Mobile App Features

Online Fee

Edumeet allow the management to send fee reminders and generates reports on dues. Online payment is made easier with school management app

Student Attendance

Get a quick review for all the datas including leave applications, Student Attendance, late comings and absenteeism. hassle-free attendance report of their wards for parents is also available.


Library data’s including books list, timetable for each classes for library can be updated and reports can be generated for the same

Time Table

Time Table Module is available to save time, effort and expenses in a satisfied manner. Allocation of classes at the same time and alert the users regarding the class details.

School calendar

Manages School calendar with holidays list and award of the institution along with their course types.


When a new Gallery is uploaded the user gets notification.

Adminssion System

Right from managing students application till the admissions process each data’s can be uploaded and generated with ease.

Staff management

Complete information and support to the administration regarding the Staff management can be updated for future use. Right from the Joining process, attendance can be updated.

Events Reminder

As per the school calender schedule the users are alerted with regular event or holiday.


Alerts the parents and students once the assignments are uploaded. Pending alerts for the assignments are sent as notification.

Parent portal

Parent gets notification on all the reports including Event, Fees, Attendance, Exam reports and Announcement

Leave Tracking

Hassel free reports for leave tracking and attendance. Parents will be able to check the attendance report of their wards whenever required

Benefits for Teachers:

Easier to maintain and eliminates the inconvenience of maintaining paper record. Tracking attendance and absenteeism is made easier. Efficient teacher/student interactions. Enhanced teaching quality with convenient online discussion between students, parents, and teachers

Benefits for Students :

School management app systems help students to get access to any data of any lessons in a fraction of seconds. Easy uploads of assignments and data’s is possible.

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Benefits for Parents :

Edumeet student management app helps you to get updated details on your Child’s daily-doing from anywhere in just a click. Attendance, Home Works, Assignments, Exam Results, Progress Report, Events, Leave Request and Competitions can be received with just logging in.

Benefits for School Admin :

School management App makes admission process easier to perform many tasks seamlessly. Edumeet helps the institute and parents to make use of the updated system

school management app
school management app

Benefits of School ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across finance, human resources, procurement, distribution and other departments.

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Reasons Why A Virtual

Virtual Classroom is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because

Advance Reporting

What are the Functions

Incorporating school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best

Payment gateway

What are the uses

What is a Virtual Classroom? Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn

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Tips to help you

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What is a Virtual

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school management app

Why do we need

Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of

Advance Reporting

Get the Best school

The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning

eLearning and Online Training Platforms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations approach training and ongoing education. Better Learning Experience

school management app

1.what is school management app?

School management software has a collection of day-to-day administrative tasks of schools that enable the easy management for the educational institution. Edumeet school management app helps to digitally keep an eye on the daily activities with managing all the resources and information management app?

  • Increases in Productivity.
  • Finest Student-Teacher Collaboration.
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Student Enrollment Ratio gets Increased
  • Increases Transparency with Parents
  • Reduction in the Cost of Communication
  • Reduces Workload.
  • Saves Natural Resources
  • 3.Why is school management app important for student?

  • Schools can communicate any main messages, circulars about upcoming events etc
  • Entire fee payment process can be automated
  • Easy digital record for the attendance
  • Student performance can be evaluated digitally
  • Parents can track the live status of school bus from the app
  • Upload of previous years question papers on the web portal
  • Automated processes reduces the daily work by almost 70%
  • Online Enquiry
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