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India’s leading virtual classroom Management School ERP software is edumeet. We offer edumeet with data-based compilation right from Admission to Transfer certificates and Alumni. Online classroom teaching is made easier with edumeet. We can also update data like Payment of Fee, on-line attendance, Internal Exams results, Question Papers Generation, Printing of Marks card and many such modules to ease the work that has to be done manually. Our edumeet school ERP software consists of a dynamic dashboard that allows you to handle the entire activities staying anywhere in the world. Many dynamic features like online attendance, Classwork updates, notifications & much more are available. We have a group of specialists in school ERP programming advancement. Through cutting edge cycles and advancements, we offer answers for basic; hardest business challenges by our customers.
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Our Education ERP programming Covers errands from pre-admission to the whole confirmation measure which will spare part of time and energy including labor; it keeps track of online applications, Registration, interviews, entrance result, and fee payment and receipts on affirmation. It empowers the Education institution to store all close to home and scholastic, extra-curricular action,
aptitude framework, and complete information of the current understudy/any dropouts/moved and of graduated class in addition to related data. Most advanced web-based student management system. Customizable to suit your requirements. The fully customizable solution to suit your educational institution’s    
needs. Highly secured, Automatic fee receipt generation, Error-free, and Cost-effective.Easy to Use. edumeet ERP Software is developed as the easy to use and most user-friendly which directly connects parents, teachers, and students. This ERP for Schools system can create a healthy learning environment
for students, maximize teacher performance, and engage parents in learning.

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The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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eLearning and Online Training Platforms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations approach training and ongoing education. Better Learning Experience

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