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Edumeet is suitable for Virtual Classroom and it specially designed for teachers, students and professors who are into virtual classes using online meeting platforms. Edumeet notifies students of the scheduled class, attendance, mark, and the details of class timings and recording, and available for sharing with everyone. Homework, Study Material, online tests, and assignments can also be given on Edumeet.

You can manage form enrollment, admission to alumni registration is possible with edumeet. In order to manage end-to-end online student information edumeet can be used to customized, streamlined and simplified the School administration.

A school has an enormous number of resources, for example, School transports, libraries, research facilities, stay for students, and so forth it requires a ton of hard work and time to appropriately deal with these resources. It isn’t easy to keep up the information of every one of these resources.

However, with the Inventory the executive’s highlight of school management software, you can deal with every one of these resources in a couple of mouse clicks. Furthermore, the reports assist you with getting a easy report of the status of stock whenever. Along these lines, school Management programming encourages schools to systemize their everyday manual assignments and improve instructing time.

Henceforth it is a necessary one for any school. Keeping up a protected and secure surrounding for students is the primary goal for all schools. Actualizing school the board programming establishes a protected and safe atmosphere for students. The school executives contact the parents or the guardians through parent application that permits sending a absence and present information to the guardians. It likewise permits guardians to follow the area of school transport. So parents can be confident about the security of their ward.

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Benefits of School ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across finance, human resources, procurement, distribution and other departments.

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Reasons Why A Virtual

Virtual Classroom is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because

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What are the Functions

Incorporating school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best

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What are the uses

What is a Virtual Classroom? Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn

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Tips to help you

Amidst the steady spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many global companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies for all their

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What are the Benefits

The virtual classroom is the heart of online degree programs—a convenient, central place where your university courses unfold. Although there

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What is a Virtual

eLearning simply refers to learning taking place via electronic media. Today, eLearning usually means learning via the internet.. What Is

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Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of

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The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning

eLearning and Online Training Platforms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations approach training and ongoing education. Better Learning Experience

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