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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, online meetings and how they are organized has drastically moved constantly online to keep away from close to home contact while proceeding to assist students with learning basic ideas. In this way, to address the issues of students, internet-based organizations, and expert guides have found videoconferencing stages to lead their virtual classes.
1.Streamline your operations
The times of utilizing a different bookkeeping page or programming for each set of information are finished. Internet classes the online-tutoring smoothes out the entirety of your tasks, so you can survey exercise plans, track students’ installments, book training, and keep up finance and maintain payroll all in one convenient place. You can get to each part of your online-tutoring business from any place, empowering your organization to lessen administrator mistakes and set aside significant time and cash.
2.Greater accessibility.
All the data will be in one convenient location. Authorized users can access it from anywhere and on any device. The tutors can access their timetables, student evaluations, and other significant data from an individual PC or tablet; They Don’t need to be available in person. Edumeet also offers special access to
the parents where they can undoubtedly make installments, demand classes, and screen their kid’s advancement.
3.No additionally scheduling clashes.
Without scheduling conflicts, online-tutoring, remaining coordinated can be troublesome. You may coincidentally over-book a guide, leaving students without an educator. Edumeet removes the conflicts of planning clashes by notice you on the off chance that you endeavor to double book a tutor.

  • Two-way live video conferencing
  • Record sessions and downloading
  • Integrated interactive whiteboard
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