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Online student management system

Online student management system is a smart school management application used by parents, teachers, and students to help them during coaching classes . Simplify the school accounting, student management and online classes with easy-to-use School Management Software.

Unlike the other educational software our edumeet provides customization features that helps you to updated frequently. Get access to our school management system and ensure whole administration has a smooth operation.

Refined content and design helps us to keep our security protocols and ensures confidentiality of data’s. We ensure the future of academic management is reliable with our online student management system.

Benefits of Online student management system

There exist numerous Certificate programs in India to give the abilities and information essential for a profession in different ventures. These courses are created by the Specialist and they are are planned and executed with heads of the organization. In this way, here are a few pointers which will characterize the advantages of online courses during the lockdown, which will assist you with boosting your profession:


Online Classes are more affordable than those trainings offered at training centres. quality certification courses are available at various website at your budget. Moreover you can save the hassle of travelling and travelling expenses too.

Flexible Timings

It is easier for you to balance your work and study life during your online classes. Online classes schedule can be changed as per your needs,


Organization Value the online certificate courses as they do for a degree from a university. So it is worthy to do the online certificate courses managing the regular activities.


The main advantages of online classes are that you can save time. The major time gets wasted during the commuting for classes. These classes allow you to choose the time slot as per your needs.
You can be more focused on the online classes and help you to tackle the workspace issues easily.

Features of Online student management system

Every online school management system must offer an robust system and easy-to-use interface for running an educational system and must have the flexibility to
Easy-to-use interface, robust system to take on the challenge of running an educational system, and the flexibility to become accustomed to the changing needs.

Key features needed for Online Management system
  • School management features
  • Parent-teacher collaboration
  • Fee management and online payments
  • Gradebooks and reports
  • Timetable, attendance, and scheduling
  • Online examinations and assignments
  • Advantages of Online student management system

    We have a education technology that can handle all the features mentioned above. fee management system which includes fee submission, record maintenance, issuing receipts and online transaction and many. In short, it simplifies day to day task in fee and bill payment and makes your easier irrespective of which task you are handling.
    Here are the important benefits of using a student fee management system and how they impact the fee process.

  • Integrate Complete Fee Management
  • Generate Invoice /Bill Reports
  • Easy online transaction
  • Calculate Necessary Discount
  • Control Finances of Your Institute
  • smart school software

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