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Owing to COVID lockdowns, several organizations have reversed. There are school closures and emotional distancing everywhere. Normality is disputed. Universities and higher education programs have been introduced by policymakers across countries to migrate to remote teaching to cover classes, tests, examinations, and outcome publications. This technology-driven measure to facilitate inclusive education during lockdown will work for online learning and teaching, but ” how can it support online
exams?” Eventually, the safety of the dignity of test and examination data is now becoming the main areas of concern with online tests becoming the new standard. Experts and educators are searching for tech that comes with safety features so that they can confidently assess student success and offer timely progress
remediation steps, now and beyond COVID.

Online examination system for both the evaluation, training, collection, and examination criteria for training. Live analysis of the exams that display information of their amount of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, IP address, and location details, such as candidates taking, completed, and dropped examinations. An overwhelming number of applicants are handled smoothly by delivering simultaneous tests, a benefit for both examines and teachers. For a vast number of simultaneous test sessions, our online exam system was constructed.

Benefits of Edumeet online-exam-system :

  • Protect the integrity of exams
  • Share screen with the Proctor
  • Auto-device lockdown
  • Proctoring from plagiarism
  • Auto-shuffling of questions
  • Provide reliable and accurate student data
  • Preparing exams with complete preparedness
  • Hassle-free exam scheduling
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