Learning Management System


Learning Management System (LMS)

Tailored to match all types of business processes, EduMeet LMS has set new standards of highly customizable modules in learning management. Edumeet LMS are developed to aid learning and learning management by providing deliberate information, relevant social interactions and easier accessibility. comprehensive learning management system. We have designed Edumeet especially for an enterprise to help them meet all their training, learning and development needs.


The widespread adoption of Learning Management System (LMS) during the pandemic for the education environment has been creating lot of opportunities for educationalists. Edumeet offers instructional resources in a structured way, Provides achievement Reports with organized way of assessment and provides the necessary information to the management about the teaching-learning process.


With high numbers of mobile devices used in the workplace, and higher demands from the modern, mobile employees, Edumeet has been seamlessly integrated across the platforms and device. We can access it from anywhere in any device without losing the user learning experience.

User friendly

The main aspect of LMS is that the interface can be customized easily to match your needs of your enterprises and enable learners to build an instant connect with the organization
Edumeet Learning Management System (LMS) are used to implement the proposed adaptable conceptual framework that easily meets all training, learning and development needs of the enterprise

Student Management System

Benefits of LMS

LMS has many added advantage including face-to-face learning, and online and blended learning solutions to facilitate traditional educational methods. We can ensure to save organizations time and money facilitating easy administration of large amounts of information in a user friendly, web based environment

  1. LMS enables you to organize all learning content in one convenient place
  2. It makes Learning content mobile
  3. Makes learning easily accessible anywhere
  4. Easy to get grades or reports

Features of Learning Management System

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