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E-Learning Management System

What is e-Learning Management System?

The role of an e-Learning Management System varies based on the organization’s objectives, online training system, and desired outcomes. However, the most common use of Best LMS software tools is to deploy and track online training initiatives. Typically, assets are uploaded to the e-Learning Management System, which makes them easily accessible for remote learners. In cases, the LMS software tools may even have built-in e-Learning tools that allow you to develop online course materials without other software.

Think of a Learning Management System as a vast database where you can store and track information. Anyone with a username and password can allow these online training resources anytime and anywhere. For e-Learning Management Systems, users must also have the LMS software tools installed on their access to the company system.

Purpose of e-Learning Management System

E-Learning management system provide a centralized software or platform for educators & administrators to manage and organize educational materials and track student activity. LMS can include a range of features, but the most common are sharing, student progress tracking, Break Out Rooms, Video Conference, Live Chat during the live session, grading and feedback tools, collaboration tools, and assessment creation and management.

Simple & easy Course Creation

Automated quizzes and tests
Recording Live Session
Public Chat /Private Chat
Share Webcam
Communication channels

Class conference

Student Learning progress track
A e-learning management system is a learning software which helps you to track and deliver online courses.

LMS is a center for learning and growth

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