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The best LMS software has adapted to students’ desire for intuitive education paths, offering a variety of material that lets them choose how (and when) to consume information.

  • Diverse Content Options for Diverse Learning Styles

Not everyone learns the same way. There are three to four generally recognized learning styles, including:

  • Visual learners: learning by seeing graphics or images
  • Auditory learners: learning by listening and speaking
  • Written learners: learning by reading and writing
  • Kinesthetic learners: learning by performing an action or task

With the right LMS software, you can create courses for each of these learning types. Videos, MP3 files, written documents and recorded webinars are just a few of the options flexible LMS systems offer. The best learning management software also includes live webinar tools, podcasts, and newsfeeds, as well as micro-learning and blended-learning options.

  • Recording Tool to Expand Life of Webinars

Does your association run webinars as part of your marketing strategy or educational programs? If so, you know they’re great learning tools, but they’re often short-lived.

What if you could take those webinars and turn them into a course, or incorporate them into an existing course? This is a great way to repurpose content you’ve already spent time on and make it last longer (and earn additional revenue from it.)

  • Ability to Integrate with Your Online Community

Learning is more than just taking courses. The social aspect of classroom learning can be missing in self-paced and distance learning, but with an online community, your association can bring peer-to-peer support and access to subject matter experts together.

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