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Best Whiteboard For Online Tutors

Online Whiteboard is an interactive display board operated by a digital writing touchpad on tablets, iPad and laptops. This online learning software involves real-time communication between both the teachers and students to go through the whole topic/lesson online.

What are the tools or features of a whiteboard?

The first and the foremost feature of an interactive whiteboard is that it gives a freedom to interact in an online session, but it’s not limited to only one feature, therefore any virtual classroom which is enabled with whiteboard must have the following features:

  • Audio & Video calls
  • Live Chatting
  • Document & Screenshot sharing
  • Interactive Virtual Whiteboard
  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Lesson Recording, notes and discussions

The interactive virtual whiteboard and its advanced tools allow sharing handwritten notes which give in-person touch. In this advanced era, virtual whiteboard proved to be an effective tutorial tool, which enhances the environment of the virtual classroom.

How one can learn on an online whiteboard?

Every student wants simplified learning from expert tutors, but their learning gets limited to their nearby tuition center’s. So, a revolutionized solution took place, i.e. Online learning with an interactive tool like Online Whiteboard- one of the best technological evolutions of the 21st century which doesn’t require blackboard or a projector.

An online whiteboard enables both the teacher and student to interact on the same online whiteboard, web page at the same time from anywhere with good internet connectivity.

Edumeet is one of the platforms, which is fully equipped with online whiteboard tools, Audio & Video enabled calls, Live Text Messaging, File sharing, and many more features.

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