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Edumeet virtual classroom is an online e-learning environment in which students and teachers interact via the technical
tools provided by the software. Edumeet whiteboard or best virtual classroom software is used by educational.
institutions to host classes remotely while maintaining the functionality available in a traditional classroom environment.

Virtual Classroom Advance Features

best virtual classroom

These products offer interactive

to share notes/lessons
Attendance tracking
live chat
Live chat
Breakout rooms
Breakout rooms to encourage
collaboration between participants

Benefits of Best Virtual Classroom

LMS Integration
LMS Integration
Advance Reporting
Advance Reporting
User friendly
User friendly
Social Learning
Social Learning
Mobile Compatible
Mobile Compatible
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Payment gateway
Payment gateway
SMS Gateway
SMS Gateway
Email Integration
Email Integration
Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

LMS Integration

Your virtual classroom can be successfully integrated with wide variety of learning management systems. These integrations enable learners to Begin the course, record the items, update on the training module or document the assessment score.

Advance reporting

Edumeet LMS deployments has the feature of recording and reporting the pre and post assessment, printing of certificates, discussion forum and can even add numerous additional learner resources.

Mobile compatible

Make your eLearning accessible as possible to everyone on all devises and ensure that your students never miss a online session with our mobile compatibility.

Social Learning

Edumeet offers the option of social learning to be integrated with Learning Management System and offers the following – Sharing calendars,Chat,video conferences, Sharing articles, monitoring tools, Sharing videos, podcasts, Forums, Wikis.

Cost effective

It is very essential to choose a cost effective Learning Management System. Edumeet offers all the features and functions of the best LMS software at affordable rates.

SMS Gateway

SMS gateway can be integrated in the LMS to the student/ parent’s mobile number. This enables them to receive the Homework’s, assessment reports and much more

Email integration

Email integration facilitates for publishing the result and admit cards, certificates in publically. Anybody can receive the results of the students without logging in.

Payment integration​

Payment gateway can be integrated with the app allowing learners to purchase the required courses or the fee payment for the course already learn.

best virtual classroom

LMS for Better eLearning

One of the best virtual classroom or eLearning softwares in the market, named Edumeet Virtual Classroom, pairs up seamlessly with most of the major software and applications through Single Sign On. You just bring it, our LMS experts will do the rest.

Features of Best
Virtual Classroom

  • Provision of quality education to backward and remote areas across the world.
  • Direct interaction of students with subject matter experts.
  • Session can be recorded to create a digital library.
  • Centrally conducted sessions can be viewed by all virtual classrooms simultaneously.
best virtual classroom


Best Virtual Classroom

What is virtual classroom software?

Educational institutions use Virtual classroom software to host classes when traditional classroom environment cannot be available. Learning management system uses Virtual classrooms as a part of the integrated learning. virtual classroom software teachers and students to communicate and collaborate.

Which is the best virtual classroom tool?

The best virtual classroom tool is the online Whiteboard. It is the best tool for teachers and classrooms - great for teaching and for assessment!

Which is best virtual classroom platforms?

Edumeet is the best virtual classroom platform with the best video conferencing option where participants can interact with learning resources. This Collaborative tool enhances engagement beyond video conferencing.

Benefits of Edumeet virtual classroom?

Edumeet Virtual classroom helps us to bring students from around the world all in one highly interactive virtual class while greatly reducing the time, travel, and expense of teaching or training programs.

What is an Online class?

Classes are conducted over the Internet. A learning management system is used during the online classes for better communication with students and their instructor.

Edumeet Virtual Classroom is integrated with

google education
smart school software

Reasons Why A Virtual

Virtual Classroom is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because

Advance Reporting

What are the Functions

Incorporating school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best

Payment gateway

What are the uses

What is a Virtual Classroom? Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn

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Tips to help you

Amidst the steady spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many global companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies for all their

best virtual classroom

What are the Benefits

The virtual classroom is the heart of online degree programs—a convenient, central place where your university courses unfold. Although there

best virtual classroom

What is a Virtual

eLearning simply refers to learning taking place via electronic media. Today, eLearning usually means learning via the internet.. What Is

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Why do we need

Edumeet is a cloud based all in one school management system software offers complete automation for all administrative activities of

Advance Reporting

Get the Best school

The administrator is the key command holder for this school management software. There are many added benefits in this software.

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Benefits of Virtual Learning

eLearning and Online Training Platforms have revolutionized the way businesses and organizations approach training and ongoing education. Better Learning Experience

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