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Technology has virtually changed all areas of our society. The education sector has not been left behind. We have the virtual classrooms which have formed the basis of the online degree programs.

Virtual Classroom Software allows teachers and instructors to engage with learners in an online setting. These products offer interactive whiteboards to share notes/lessons, attendance tracking, live chat, and breakout rooms to encourage collaboration between participants.

The world first 100% free Webinar and Virtual Classroom platform. In less than a minute you can create your webinar and be able to turn on your camera and share your screen. If you need to broadcast other presenters, just type a simple command and they will show up in the stage. You can also record your webinar and download the video file. We designed the easiest way to allow your students to attend breakout sessions and experience live activities.  Edumeet act as a Collaboration tool for teachers and students that allows educators to create assignments, receive feedback and track other information

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