best lms software

Best LMS Software

The Top Best LMS Software to bring your virtual strategy to life.

Edumeet software, the leading valley based e-learning service, puts forth edumeet LMS as one of the best LMS software or e-learning management.

Edumeet LMS takes elearning to the next level with its practical features. Easy to use UI, third party integration, customizability and mobile accessibility.

Advantages of Edumeet LMS

  • Learners have immediate access to training, anytime and anywhere online.
  • An Edumeet LMS provides insights into the learning process by tracking and reporting learner’s training programs.
  • A significant amount of time and money is saved as companies or schools get more value for their training investment and employees or students can train at greater depth, for a longer period of time.
  • It is possible to train a large group of students – across the world, simultaneously.
  • Training programs can be reused many times, significantly reducing delivery costs, and ensuring uniformity of training.
best lms software


Admission Management | Student Management | Staff management | Front & Back Office Management | Fees management

Type of Learning Management System

Cloud based

Edumeet LMS integrations available for content management systems like as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, allowing organizations to manage their websites. Also, users can easily get access to the LMS. Having CMS and Best LMS integrations helps keeping data in sync.


Regardless you are independent educator or may be an educational institution, edumeet has the best self-hosted learning management systems is here to help you spread knowledge to people around the world

Mobile LMS

Powerful Best LMS software includes user groups built in SSO and complete control over delivery. Detailed insights and analytics with automated reporting are available for the user

Features of Learning Management System

Live Tech Support

Technical support from edumeet LMS is amazing, prompt, and always helpful. Our LMS is tailored as per the need of the customer. We have qualified team members who are equipped with the knowledge on the product and how to use it. They are available promptly to address every needs of the customer.

Synchronous Learning

Get the best experience of synchronous e-learning with real time online learning through illustration on online classes, training, and webinars available through an online virtual classroom

Session Recording

Live Class Recording. Missed out a few of the learning’s of the classroom? No worries, record all the online sessions and relearn by accessing the recorded classes.

Live Video Support

Edumeet Interactive Web Conferencing software helps you to hold engaging live meetings, classes and Webinars with live audio and video support.

Screen Sharing

It is critical to have everyone during the meeting and presentation. So Edumeet offers the feature of screen sharing and desktop sharing. Sharing on-screen activity in real time with all participants is also available.


Write, Draw or sketch your ideas in real-time. Edumeet Whiteboard has the feature of adding Google Docs, images, Videos and PDF’S too. Just a click to wipe off the whiteboard too.

Best LMS Components

best lms software

Edumeet Virtual Classroom is integrated with

google education
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