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Simplified School Management Software

edumeet is not only about discovering new ways to deliver classroom learning. It is also about automating your campus with a solution that covers every aspect of management. We offer smart school solution is a multi-platform campus automation system for schools, colleges, and universities. Discover a high-tech suite of automated tools that simplifies school management, streamlines communication between administrators, teachers, and parents, and enables better learning and safe environment for the students.

  • Attendance and Tracking

An attendance management system which records attendance for student and teachers

  • Fee Management System

An automated, adaptable, and comprehensive solution that covers the school financials

  • All-in-One Communication

Efficient, easy, and structured communication that keeps parents connected with the school

  • School Bus Tracking

A complete transport management system that ensures safety-in-transit for students

  • Smart Environmental Sensors

A smart system that ensures safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness of your school campus

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What School Management Software Can do ?.

Nowadays, schools are getting updated with advanced technology. School management software is one of the technological advancement that helps to solve numerous problems. Admission and fees procedure is the most complicated problem that every school has to do, and this software can help them to solve all.

This product encourages you to create a plan and keep up the tally of individuals who came looking for affirmation. The product likewise keeps a check of understudies who register and the ones who get finished.

The school management system helps take care of the data of the students. The list might include the organization characterizes experts like mediums, classes, houses, cashbooks, expense types, and charge heads, and so on.

These are certain features of the thing that you can get on this platform:

  • Outline deal on the web
  • Understudy enlistment nearby or online using the site
  • Confirmation of student subtleties
  • Conclusion of confirmations of every understudy
  • Age list of the understudies.
  • Confirmation of understudy for the academic year
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Virtual learning benefits

We connect with our colleagues & friends every day using virtual tools… so it’s not surprising that we expect that in our learning too. We believe that virtual learning should be engaging, fun and interactive.

Virtual learning replicates the classroom environment; engaging and interactive content facilitated by our expert faculty of trainers. Whether you plan to run your own in-house courses or want to ‘pick & mix’ a digital solution, our high-quality content is tried & tested. Online learning has many benefits, one of which is the flexibility afforded by the virtual classroom.

What does virtual learning mean?

Virtual learning typically refers to a course that is completely virtual. Students receive instructional content, submit assignments, take tests, and interact entirely online, or virtual

Can virtual learning be as effective as in-class instruction?

Yes, it can be. Meta-analyses suggest that online courses are about as effective as face-to-face courses. Blended learning courses, however, tend to be the best of all, with the important caveat that students also tend to perform more work in blended learning courses.

Must-Have Virtual Classroom Features

At their core, virtual classrooms are video collaboration platforms with specific features for online instruction. They help remote educators engage their learners effectively online. Virtual classrooms enable you to transform passive viewers into active participants. Let’s dig into those features.

Easy To Use

Is that a feature? I’m not sure, but it’s incredibly important that the virtual classroom software you choose be easy to use. Do you have time internally to train hundreds of instructors or facilitators or thousands of students and employees on how to use software to deliver learning? Probably not. The best option is to find a virtual classroom software that is click-to-learn easy.

See Everyone

Virtual classes are not just webinars. They are a dynamic space for a small to a larger group of people to learn together. As such, everyone should connect with their webcams and microphones

Digital Whiteboard

A digital whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that enables you to sketch out ideas with learners in real time.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is the perfect way to show remote learners how to use specific software or perform critical functions on the computer.

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Reasons Why A Virtual Classroom Better

Virtual Classroom is the methodology most used today for training in companies due to its flexibility and accessibility, and because of the reduction of time and costs for organizations. We live in a world where we are always connected, so the virtual classroom for companies has stopped being a novelty to become the most widespread educational model in the corporate sector.

#1 Schedule Flexibility

Fitting school in around family responsibilities and work can be a real challenge. Virtual Classroom gives students the flexibility to study on the schedule that works best for them. Instead of re-organizing their lives around traditional education online education allows students to fit education into their lives .The easy access of an online learning platform gives learners the opportunity to take a break at certain times during work to take a class. This allows them to learn various times during the day such as taking a bus to and from work or during lunch break. This flexibility isn’t available with physical classrooms.

#2 Knowledge Retention

Online instruction for many delivers a more effective learning experience because of the fun and short interactive modules that can be paused and repeated if needed. These modules are referred to as micro learning which help learners find what they need quicker, manageable and memorable.

#3 Increased Engagement & Participation

It may seem that there’s more opportunities for engagement and participation in traditional classrooms but this isn’t necessarily true there’s many way to interact with virtual classrooms. You can message your teacher through chat or you can use the interactive comment and share features to help you engage and connect. For Example, it can also help learners who aren’t comfortable interacting in-person an opportunity to contribute. Also, features like the comment and rating allows your teachers to determine the quality of their content and to adjust accordingly to ensure that students get the most effective learning experience.

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Best Virtual Classroom platform

Technology has virtually changed all areas of our society. The education sector has not been left behind. We have the virtual classrooms which have formed the basis of the online degree programs.

Virtual Classroom Software allows teachers and instructors to engage with learners in an online setting. These products offer interactive whiteboards to share notes/lessons, attendance tracking, live chat, and breakout rooms to encourage collaboration between participants.

The world first 100% free Webinar and Virtual Classroom platform. In less than a minute you can create your webinar and be able to turn on your camera and share your screen. If you need to broadcast other presenters, just type a simple command and they will show up in the stage. You can also record your webinar and download the video file. We designed the easiest way to allow your students to attend breakout sessions and experience live activities.  Edumeet act as a Collaboration tool for teachers and students that allows educators to create assignments, receive feedback and track other information

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What are the Functions of School Administration Software ?

Incorporating school management software increases productivity by reducing the timeframe of maintaining track records and improving data accuracy. The best school administration software also enables a humongous save on institutional resources through digital storage without compromising the organization’s precious data.

What is School Administration Software?

School management software is a set of tools that facilitate simplified and efficient school administration management. The software enables complete automation and control of an educational institution’s numerous operations, infrastructure, activities, processes, and overall functioning. It also provides a unified platform for school administrators and other school stakeholders to collaborate and work effectively.

What Functions Does the School Administration Software Perform?

School management software offers comprehensive software tools and features to streamline and manage an educational organization such as a school. Here are the core functions of a school management system:

  • Student admission/enrolment process management
  • Maintaining students, teachers, and staff database
  • Managing the day-to-day activities of a school
  • Human resource management
  • Information management
  • Curriculum management
  • Examination and assessment management
  • Attendance management
  • Resource optimization
  • School and parents’ communication management
  • Financial management to include budget planning, payroll, and fee management
  • Campus infrastructure, facilities (canteen, library, etc.), and security management
  • Transport management
  • Vendor management
  • Compliance management to include regulatory policies, procedures, and documentation

How to Choose the Best School Administration Software?

If you are looking for the top school management system software, GoodFirms has eased the task for you. After extensive research and analysis, we have identified and summarized the list of the best school management software solutions with their prominent features, verified reviews, and other details. Just go through the below rundown and choose the one that fits you best by leveraging filters for features, institution size, pricing model, and deployment type.

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What are the uses of Virtual Classroom?

What is a Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn in spite of their Physical presence. Currently, it is increasing its popularity at an exponential rate in education sectors, online training sectors, corporate etc. where learners’ and educators can engage with each other.

What are the uses of Virtual Classroom?

  • Learners can join the session with their flexible timings.
  • Learners can access the content anywhere in their geographic so it is flexible in learning.
  • Content is accessible any time for those who don’t understand the session for the first time.
  • It will save the travelling time and expenses of learners.
  • Live on-demand interaction between educators and learners can be scheduled.
  • Automated evaluation of students’ progress.
  • Offers live video recordings.
  • Learners can obtain the content through Smartphones, Tablets and other devices.
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Tips to help you maintain your productivity

Amidst the steady spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, many global companies have rolled out mandatory work-from-home policies for all their employees around the world. Others have followed suit and offered voluntary work-from-home options. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) already having declared the Coronavirus to be a pandemic, working from home seems to be the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain your productivity levels while striking a work-life balance.

Set up a designated work area

One pertinent problem that arises in a typical work-from-home scenario is that it becomes difficult to separate your personal life from your professional life. Unless you’re able to stop issues at home from encroaching into your work or vice versa, your productivity at work will suffer and so will your home life.

Sometimes it may not be possible to keep a separate room for work, especially if you’re living in a small apartment, but even a corner would do as long as you dedicate it for your work, this induces a sense of routine and professionalism to your work from home regimen.

You must keep the ergonomics in mind as well. Make sure you’re not lying down, rather order a proper work chair to sit upright so that your posture is not compromised. Natural light is also important since you’ll be spending hours at your desk and gloominess can affect your productivity.

Get ready for work

Following a few daily tasks before logging in for work can help you get in the right mindset for a productive day. Simple things like taking a shower, getting dressed, and getting coffee can get you in the right mindset to start your day. This not only helps in creating a firm distinction between your work and home selves but also makes you feel more like yourself at your workplace, inducing the right professional mindset.

Plan a workflow for optimum productivity

Planning out your entire day in the morning can give you a good head start. You can use a task list to jot down all the tasks you need to complete for the day. You can also prioritise which tasks you need to complete urgently and which ones can be scheduled later. You can also allocate them in specific time slots so that there’s time left for contingencies such as any ad-hoc work you may need to finish.

Keep away distractions

Although there are several benefits of working from home, there are some disadvantages too. One of them can be that if you live with many family members, then there can be a lot of distractions while you are working. Again, your phone can be a major distraction since you may be inclined to keep checking your phone or scrolling through social media. So to have a distraction-free environment, 

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The best LMS software has adapted to students’ desire for intuitive education paths, offering a variety of material that lets them choose how (and when) to consume information.

  • Diverse Content Options for Diverse Learning Styles

Not everyone learns the same way. There are three to four generally recognized learning styles, including:

  • Visual learners: learning by seeing graphics or images
  • Auditory learners: learning by listening and speaking
  • Written learners: learning by reading and writing
  • Kinesthetic learners: learning by performing an action or task

With the right LMS software, you can create courses for each of these learning types. Videos, MP3 files, written documents and recorded webinars are just a few of the options flexible LMS systems offer. The best learning management software also includes live webinar tools, podcasts, and newsfeeds, as well as micro-learning and blended-learning options.

  • Recording Tool to Expand Life of Webinars

Does your association run webinars as part of your marketing strategy or educational programs? If so, you know they’re great learning tools, but they’re often short-lived.

What if you could take those webinars and turn them into a course, or incorporate them into an existing course? This is a great way to repurpose content you’ve already spent time on and make it last longer (and earn additional revenue from it.)

  • Ability to Integrate with Your Online Community

Learning is more than just taking courses. The social aspect of classroom learning can be missing in self-paced and distance learning, but with an online community, your association can bring peer-to-peer support and access to subject matter experts together.

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