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Alternative to google meet software

Most of the schools and teachers have faced the challenge either, ready or not, teachers have introduced their students into online classrooms using commonly used tools like Zoom or google meet as alternative. But now the initial pandemic is over. We can take a more look at the recent technology available for the delivery of online live learning and the training for teachers need to be able to use that technology effectively.

There is lots of Alternative to google meet software and the one you choose have o be best for the students. It has to suit the  students to access to technology, model of delivery you want to use and whether you see this as a short or longer term situation.


Edumeet has a great range of features including whiteboard, presentation space and screen sharing. You can also share links to websites and see them open within the presentation space. One of my favorite features is that you can add links to Google documents and do collaborative writing work, or watch YouTube videos together as a group. Edumeet works well on mobile and there is even a white-labelled mobile app which can be branded for your school.

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